Script for creating VirtualHosts and generate Let's Encrypt certificates.
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# the main domain
domain_main = ""
# list of TLDs used to determine the secondary domains
tld = ['fr', 'org']
# domain's base name used to determine the secondary domains
name = "hadoly"
# list of subdomains used to determine the secondary domains
sub = ['test']
# the IPv6
ip6_back = "2001:0912:3064:XXXX"
# FQDN of the front web server, as stated in DNS zone, without the tld
# It will only be used for checking the DNS validity
# i.e. "merlin.hadoly"
main_zone = "merlin.hadoly"
# path for Let'sEncrypt certificate
le_certificate_folder = "/etc/nginx/sites"
# path for ACME configuration
acme_folder = "/etc/acme"
# the template Vhost file
template_nginx_vhost = "./nginx_vhost_template"
# the temporary template Vhost file for Let's Encrypt
template_le_nginx_vhost = "./nginx_le_vhost_template"
# the template file for ACME config
template_acme_conf = "./acme_config_template"
# path to sites-available
available_path = "/etc/nginx/sites-available"
# path to sites-enabled
enabled_path = "/etc/nginx/sites-enabled"